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By Lee Price.

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I wish there was a reset button for life, there’s only so many undos that can be done.


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"Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it every time."
-Christopher Barzak (via ugh)

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Think you’re escaping…

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She asked me if my world is crumbling…

I replied ‘a little’.

Dreamlog: (2) Chinese food & Monster meccha mashup

I was in Shanghai with my coworkers.  I think I was in a hostel type location with them.  Dasha and I had shared a bunk bed.  Chad came running in to tell us something, I can’t really remember what.  We were all going to be leaving soon and were deciding on what to do today.  I suddenly realized that no one went to my uncle’s noodle shop to eat yet.  I realized then that Ming was in Shanghai too, I should tell him to go there.  But I couldn’t remember address of the shop… I couldn’t even try to piece major landmarks nearby…

Dasha also commented on stopping by her parent’s place, apparently they were here on vacation as well.  They had a pool that we could use.


They were in a pool, Kamina was teaching Simon how to battle.  Breathe twice, go under, punch twice, go forward twice and repeat.  Simon was having difficulty but the continued with the training.  Even though it looked like a swimming pool, the surroundings were dark and seemed vast.  Soon this monster appeared and began to fight against them.  Kamina pushed Simon out of the way, he knew that Simon would be the one with the ability to save all of them.  He battled against the spider creature, it cut off his arm.  His other arm turned into a cannon at his will, it was his strongest weapon.  He fired a shot, and even though it pushed the creature back it wasn’t strong enough.  Then someone appeared whose ability was that their arms turned into blades.  I think it was a woman, she slashed away at the creature.  Even though she was able to do damage, the creature was still too strong and was able to return the blows.  Kamina was too injured.  He was on his death bed at this point.  Simon stood there, trying to muster his courage to do something.  He knew he could do nothing to save Kamina…  Simon takes a move and decides to lure the creature away into this dome structure, it was the perfect size.

At this point the creature changed from a slightly larger than human sized spider to one that could easily be 4 stories tall.  And there was another monster girl there with him.  I think it was suppose to be the girl with blades for arms.  Even though they were different races, he knew that they had one common enemy, the spider.  She was struggling to fend the giant creature away and Simon tried to help.  He shot these bullets form his arms in a circle pattern under the spider’s stomach.  They were like grenades and they eventually exploded creating major damage to the creature.  The belly shell began to fall and it’s blood and guts spilled through.

The blood looked almost like radioactive lava and flowed down on the walls and floor.  There were small demons in the area, they were generally harmless so no one had ever bothered to kill them.  They were intrigued by this liquid goop that flowed around them.  They kind of looked like minions, but more detailed and decaying.  It stuck it’s hand into the vile and though it didn’t hurt at all on contact, when he tried to remove it, it took his flesh along with it in the process.  Another miniature demon came and put it’s face into the vile even though Simon tried to warm him not to.  When he took his face out and tried to clean off the vile, it took his face off in the process.

The female monster from earlier was in the middle of all this mess.  Simon used his powers to move the rubble that lied beneath into a road for her to get out.  There was a bond between the two of them.  The shell of the giant spider began to fall, it was going to crush everything underneath it.  She couldn’t move… there was something about the spider’s abilities that prevented her from moving.  Simon told her to run, to get out, he waited, he held out his hand.  He tried to get her out, but she couldn’t.  The rest of Simon’s team all screamed at him, telling him to leave the monster girl behind, he had to save himself!  She wasn’t worth it.  He waited till the last minute he possibly could, and she knew that this was the end for her.  And the shell fell and crushed whatever lied beneath.  Simon and his team came back to the dome, the shell had made a new stable floor for them to walk on.  A hologram appeared before them, questioning the team what has happened and instructing them on what was to happen next.  The team blamed Simon for what had just happened, but Simon wasn’t paying attention.  He was too distraught by the loss of that girl.  What they said had absolutely no impact on him.  He saw her ghost standing in front of him.  She said thank you and gave him a kiss.  Tears slid down his face as he was completely enveloped in the moment and warmth.

[TTGL, Pacific Rim, Sword Art, Evangelion, etc all mashed in one]